Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coming out of the fog.

This morning the fog is burning off of the Teton Valley & surrounding mountains outside my window. I'm working remotely at our place in Victor, Idaho. As the fog burns off, I am gaining some clarity of my own. So much of the work we've been doing lately at Allegro is about clarity.

As we work on developing on-demand marketing software applications, create websites, even write and redesign collateral materials - clarity becomes paramount. In today's marketing world, consumers are busy, skeptical, and overwhelmed. Push marketing has given way to go-out-and-find-exactly-what-you-need marketing. More than ever, we must say quickly and clearly what is great about a given product or company.

I have been working with some new recruits on writing pitches and press releases lately. Once again I remind myself - and them - that we must answer the critical inquiry: Who cares?

For any marketing communication you are crafting, I dare you to ask that question. Read what you just wrote - then say to yourself in a jaded, 14-year old's voice - SO? If you are able to answer that challenge, to quickly get your reader's attention and make a bold statement, then you have a chance at cutting through the clutter and getting some action.

Happy marketing!