Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cheap, Fast, and Green - the Marketing Trifecta

I've been thinking a lot about something my cousin Scott told me years ago. He is a digital illustrator and producer, and he once said, "Remember Ada, in the agency world your clients will have three objectives: Cheap, Fast, and Good. And you will ONLY ever accomplish TWO of the THREE."

Recently I started thinking about this as it relates to Green initiatives. Replace Good with Green and if you follow the logic, you can have:
• Cheap and Green, but not Fast.
• Cheap and Fast, but not Green. .... etc.

This is SO true - firms that want to quickly implement Green initiatives need to be prepared to spend the money. Firms that expect to save money by going Green need to expect that it will take time. Rushing to do things Cheap and Fast will likely sacrifice Green aspects.

Marketing managers take note! You can help manage expectations by applying the rules above. What initiatives do you have that need to address this issue? Can you break the rule and think of examples that satisfy all three?

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