Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Book review: The Big Moo by Godin

What caught my eye about this little book (in the airport book store, natch) was the subtitle: "Stop Trying to be Perfect and Start Being Remarkable." This collection of ideas from 33 business and thought leaders was edited by Seth Godin. It builds on his idea of having a Purple Cow in your organization - a product/idea/way of doing things that is so unusual it cannot be ignored. buy on amazon link

There are 33 ideas in the book. I encourage you to read it for inspiration in your own business. Here are a few learnings that really struck a chord for me:

1. Name that ______.
Give something in your business/space a powerful name. Naming something brings focus and positions you as expert. (from p.17-18)

2. Stand for something or stand for nothing.
Businesses that genuinely put time, energy, and resources into a worthwhile cause will rise above the pack. (from p.19-21)

3. Eliminate your fear.
You may think you (or your company) is not creative, when what you really are is afraid. Most creativity is fostered by risk-taking and putting seemingly unrelated ideas together. Go ahead, try it! (from p.94-95)

4. Be nimble.
Access to assets or even distribution is not necessarily the way to win in this economy. Big businesses have big overhead and move slowly. If you are a smaller player, the ability to move, test, and get to market quickly gives you an edge. (from p.165)

5. You are ready.
The best time to start being remarkable is NOW! Once you focus on a path of doing something remarkable, it will enlighten and engergize you. You will wonder why you waited so long. At the end of the book (begins p.175) is a great checklist to get you moving.

The Big Moo's own Big Moo is that none of the authors were paid to contribute, AND 100% - that's right 100% - of author proceeds go directly to charity. They also encourage the sharing and even reprinting of ideas in the book. Moo, indeed!

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