Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Twittering for a cause last night

For those of you who read yesterday's column about entering the room-full-of-millions-of-people called Twitter, this is an interesting continuation of the story.

What if someone you respected walked up to you in that very crowded room and asked you for 10 bucks for charity? This happened to me last night.

On Twitter I've been following Chris Brogan out of Boston. Anyone in social media knows this guy, and he's considered an expert. He has over 10,000 people "following" him, and yesterday happened to be his birthday. Last night Chris sent out an inconspicuous Tweet saying basically, "if you were wondering what to get for my birthday, give $10 at and let's get $1K to this charity in the next few hours" - I thought, cool!

So I went over to the site and gave $10 - then I messaged Chris to say Happy Birthday and cool idea! And then I Tweeted a message to my (much smaller group of) followers saying here's a neat charity - with the link - and I just gave $10.

Does anyone else see the power here?

I was really excited to see the donation "thermometer" go up to $400, then $500, then over $1,000 within about 30 minutes on the site. Awesome.

In an ironic twist, this non-profit is involved in aid and microfinance for Moms in Africa. So that got me thinking about small sums of money that have a big impact. Here's the big idea - and it may not be a new one. What if legitimate charities had a "click to donate a buck" button on Facebook - or something like that? What if you could Paypal one dollar out of your bank account, in a single click - and do good?

I would do it. And I'd tell my friends. I bet there are thousands of people who would.

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Chris Brogan said...

Very glad you were part of it. It was a great opportunity. Supporting women. Supporting women in Africa. Helping via microfinance. Showing the value of Twitter as a promotional tool for good. All a win to me. :)