Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chris Brogan's Picnic Etiquette

Just finished reading an excellent article by Chris Brogan about social media marketing, and "bringing wine to the public picnic" we know as Twitter. The picnic analogy is credited to someone at IBM, but Chris does an excellent job of expanding the idea. Read his article.

The reason I'm blogging about it is that the comments at the bottom of that article are VERY interesting! Many people agree, yah yah yah. There's some talk about authenticity in social media - an intriguing topic. But there are a number of comments saying essentially - whoa - don't give away our secrets. "you're handing out the playbook" to non-genuine scammer types... I think this is pretty funny. And frankly, wrong.

Because here's what I learned from my 17-month old daughter. If you pretend to be polite and respectful and interested in another person, you actually are! Especially when I want to yell - QUIT PLAYING WITH THE TOILET SEAT! - and instead I walk over and say "come out of the bathroom please, little one" and guide her out of the room. Then I realize that on the whole, she doesn't yell much either. Which is really really nice.

What I'm saying is that if everyone took Chris Brogan's advice and paid more attention to each other, were polite and interested, and generally kind - we'd have a fantastic Twitter picnic. Plus, all that wine!

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twobroadscasting said...

Great, and of course you know I get it..thanks