Monday, June 23, 2008

Easy is the new black.

As marketers, we are often called on to sell or inform about a product that is complicated. The complexity of, say, a technical service - or a financial instrument - or a gadget, could be what makes it really cool and desirable. We might go on and on about the key benefits, how sophisticated it is, how valuable, even how affordable. But the truth is, most people just want it to be easy.

Look at how convenience sells in the U.S.: have you bought vegetables in a little pre-packed plastic bag, just so you didn't have to wash them? Been to a drive-thru window lately? Used's "one-click ordering" function? Looked at the freezer section in the grocery store?

In so many aspects of our lives (and our customers' lives), we are looking to save time. We want to check things off our list and be done. We will settle for something that is less tasty, less nutritious, or lower quality - just because it's fast or convenient. We'll even pay a premium for that convenience (i.e. 150% more for lettuce, or a $4 coffee at Starbucks).

What does this mean to us as marketers? Well, I think easy is the new black. It's time to take a closer look at whether we are making things as easy as possible for our customers and prospects. Here's a little checklist for you:

1. Is it easy to find you?
If I'm looking for your company or service, can I easily locate you on- and offline?

2. Is it easy to buy your product?
How many steps does it take on the phone/web/in person?
How long is your sign-up form or application?

3. Is it easy to understand why to buy your product?

Do your promotional or marketing materials simply state the key reasons to buy from the customer's perspective?

4. What are you doing to be the most "convenient" provider in your marketplace?

Check out your competition.

Take it easy,

PS: Didn't black become "the new black" because it was so darn easy? :)

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AuntieK said...

Isn't that just the cold hard truth. I wish things could be that "easy" at times when it comes to life in general!